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6 December 2013 - Version

  • Geotagging has been added
  • [Win] Bugfix: Fix incorrect escaping when exiftool itself resides in path with spaces
  • Bugfix: Fix when renaming to full date-time, this always added a number (00) even when not wanted.


17 January 2013 - Version 0.32

  • Only a source code release
  • Rewritten the code. It's now 100% Python2 and Python3 compatible. The python3 is new.

12 January 2013 - Version 0.31

  • This release is more or less a code improvement and code restructuring release.
  • Lots of minor textual changes in all kind of popups, messageboxes and so on.
  • Lots of work on manual: Added section for Extra menu and added chapter on renaming
  • Code cleaning and efficiency improvements

10 January 2013 - Version 0.30 (Not released)

  • csv export now works

10 January 2013 - Version 0.29 (Not released)

  • Added extensive renaming of images functionality
  • Opening the manual with an anchor from file now works on windows

30 December 2012 - Version 0.28

  • Added tab "Your Commands" where you can directly execute exiftool commands that are not in the Gui.
  • Fix: exiftool command box no longer "flashes" on windows.
  • Bugfix: manual could not be opened from Mac OS X full bundle.
  • Added internal image metadata copy: All possible metadata to XMP format

22 December 2012 - Version 0.25

  • Expanded gpano options
  • Added "repair JPG(s) with corrupted metadata"
  • Added "Set file date to DateTimeOriginal" option
  • Added Modify "Date/time" function with timeshift option
  • Added view option for ICC_profile data
  • Added xmp export in xmp format
  • Added option for Args file export
  • Context menu (right-click options) added

12 December 2012 - Version 0.2

This was the first release

  • Ability to remove metadata
  • Export functionalities for tag categories to a number of formats
  • Broad gps functionality
  • Limited exif, xmp, gpano (exiftool >= 9.07) edit functionalities
  • Supports in read-mode all formats that exiftool supports


Older versions were not released.