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pyExifToolGui is a graphical frontend for the excellent open source command line tool ExifTool by Phil Harvey. pyExifToolGui is a python pySide QT4 script program that reads and writes all kind of metadata tags from/to image files. A strong point of this software is the ability to write the data, copied or not from a source image (reference image), to multiple images at once.

My main goal was a tool to write gps data to my images as I photograph a lot inside buildings like Churches/Cathedrals and Musea (when allowed), which means that the gps functionality of my camera doesn't function.  And sometimes you have already made 20 photos while your GPS is still not up-to-date or uses settings from your previous location.

Next to the gps functionality, I also wanted extensive renaming functionality, based on metadata in the images, to be part of this programs functionality.

It also supports Googles new PhotoSphere options for panoramic images.

pyExifToolGUI will slowly grow into a general exiftool Gui and will also write other tags to your images.
As of version 0.4 pyExifToolGUI tool is also a geotagging tool!

pyExifToolGUI on ubuntu
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As mentioned: pyExifToolGui is a graphical frontend for the excellent open source command line tool ExifTool by Phil Harvey, but pyExifToolGui is not a complete ExifTool Gui, far from that.
I needed a tool to add gps data to my images and couldn't find one and decided to write my own.
"By accident" it contains more functions as ExifTool is such a powerful tool and once you have written the basic program Gui skeleton it is relatively easy to add extra functionality, which is basically to add more exif/xmp/iptc tags and add them to "write to image" function.


  • Extensive renaming options based on metadata in your photos.
  • Supports all formats exiftool itself supports in "read" mode. Preview thumbnails for standard image formats and most raw formats.
  • Writes GPS data to (selected) images.
  • Comes with geotagging functionality
  • Writes several exif and xmp tags to images.
  • Removes metadata (if you want that).
  • Supports new Google Photosphere (gpano) functionality (with exiftool >= 9.07)
  • Modify datetime tags
  • Modify image file dates based on datetime tags.
  • options for exporting (all) tag categories to a series of export options
  • A tab where you can execute your own commands in case they are not directly supported by the Gui functionality


Write metadata to multiple files at once

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exiftool is not included in any of the packages. Download it from Phil Harvey's exiftool site.

The downloads can be found on the Releases page.

Development Changelog

The downloads contain an INSTALLATION.txt, but you can also read the installation chapter of the manual (which is also included in the program, but that's after installation). Note that the Linux version can also be used on Mac OS X (again: read the manual).


Linux: The program is not yet packaged for any distribution. It does contain debian packaging functionality now, but I have not packaged it yet. Use the script to install.

Windows: The very first program start takes very long as the scripts need a one-time compilation. Rename your downloaded exiftool(-k).exe to exiftool.exe (if you only see exiftool(-k) in your explorer, rename to exiftool and don't add an extension).

Mac OS X: Sometimes the crashes on the first action after the first start (of a new version). This only occurs with the full bundle.


This program is completely free, but you can donate any amount to me to show your appreciation. See the Help menu in the program or the donate button below.