This site contains:

  • Scripts to root your Sofia 3GR Intel unit or your Rockchip PX5-A53 ARM unit.
  • An apk to install a number of additional or modded apks

Rooting your unit is described on the Rooting page. You will find instructions there and the necessary files to root your Sofia Intel or PX5 ARM unit.

The Joying Extra Tools apk can also be downloaded from that Releases page.

The Joying Extra Tools apk allows you to:
Functionality/OptionSofia 3GR IntelRockchip PX5-A53 ARMIntel Airmont sp9853i
Enable or disable adb over WiFi
Update busybox to latest OpenGapps version (currently 1.22-1)
Install the Xposed framework(1)
Install "main server" mods(2)(3)(4)
Install Viper4Android(5)(6)(6)
Install Joying Settings.apk or Standard Android Settings.apkN.A.N.A.
Install Radio mods (examples)(7)(7)(7)
Install other mods like Music Player, Video Player, Bluetooth (examples)(8)not available (yet?)
(Continuously) measure temperatures and CPU frequencies of your unit
Alter the DPI of your unit
Expand the hosts file to prevent ads, banners, hijackers, etc. (see
Reboot and "Hot Reboot" options (hot reboot only restarts Gui and thereby all apks)
Option to wipe /sdcard to completely wipe everythong from your internal memory storage.
Option to wipe /data to do a "factory defaults" reset.
Option to replace boot animation
Option to replace default ringtone (it us not configureable in the Joying Settings)
Adapt overscan parameters ("shrink" screen left/right/top/bottom, if it displays "outside" screen boundaries)
Optimize system by removing/disabling (unnecessary) system apps and services(9)
  1. EXPERIMENTAL, can soft-brick your unit. You better use the gtxaspec custom ROM for the Sofia unit.
  2. The "main server" apk is called Sofia-1-C9-Server-V1.0.apk on the Intel Sofia units.
  3. The "main server" apk is called on the ARM PX5-A53 units.
  4. The "main server" apk is called on the Intel Airmont sp9853i.
  5. Only on Android 5.1.1. Android 6.0.1 has driver issues.
  6. Removed as it simply doesn't work. The 8.1.0 units with digital output spdiff don't need it anyway.
  7. The radio mods are now separated by android version. It is not good to use older version from 6 on 8.0.0, and the new 8.1.0 versions seem to be slightly different.
  8. These mods are also from the Android 6 Sofia models and should be exchangeable, but they are all slightly older and might have bugs.
  9. For Android 6.0.1 the gtx-rom is available which has the same optimizations. You better use that custom ROM.

Note that most of the Android 6.0.1 mods are not mine but others.

The aim is to keep "everything" as updated as possible.

This app was first created for Joying Intel Sofia 3GR units. Most functionality will probably run just as well on other brand Sofia 3GR units but that is blocked (The app tests whether it is running on a Joying). Some functionality is for both 5.1.1 and 6.0.1. The apk will detect which version and ROM version you are running and will offer, when relevant, the correct options for your android/ROM version.
Since version 51, the JET apk is also suitable for Joying PX5 FYT models. These models end on either P2, P2D, P4, P4D or P4V. Joying PX5 models ending on PX5 or PX5S are STT models and incompatible.
Since version 64, the JET apk is also suitable for Joying Intel Airmont sp9853i FYT models.

See the Changelog for updates.

This program is Open Source and completely free and will remain that way, but you can donate any minimal amount to me to show your appreciation. See the donate button below. Note that my apk also contains work by others.